Month: March 2013

Carrie’s Dixie

Carrie’s has been exploding with lots of new things lately!!!  I have a few different goodies I am going to show you but today I will start with the new Dixie Lingerie in Spring Blue.

My husband I are posing together in this one and he is wearing some pink boxers from Carries that I think look really hot on him and goes well with this great vibrant blue lingerie. 

When I put this on I just felt like a sassy farm girl…that just needed her farm boy…

I got one.

Take the lm to Carrie’s Lingerie

Outfit- Carrie’s Lingerie Dixie in Spring Blue…it comes in many colors!!
Shoes- N-core COQUETTE Platform in white
Hair- Analog Dog- Tantrum in Dark Browns

On my Husband
Boxers- Carrie’s Lingerie Boxers in Pink..they come in a great variety of colors..I LOVED them..



Happy Easter Everyone!

                                  I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends!

I got my bunny outfit at Grumble and the baskets were free at LaGalleria!

Peace, Love and Blessed Renewal,

Happy Easter!


Don’t Sn@tch My Peep!

Of course Sn@tch has more great new releases!  This adorable outfit is only 75L right now and called, Peeps..perfect for Easter.

It’s like getting three different outfits for 75L because it comes in Pink, Aqua and Yellow…

Here is your ride to Sn@tch

Outfit- Sn@tch Peeps comes in three colors all for one low price
Boots- Bax  Booties in Black Reptile
Hair- Damselfly Tinsley II in Black Pearl
Leggings- Erratic Ripped Stockings



Ditching Fear

Jane Addams:
Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt.

Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.

Sylvia Browne
The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name.

George Washington Carver
Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.

 So today…I am choosing not to be a victim of fear but gonna hang out with a new friend…goofy..

The road we each travel whether it be in our real life or our second life can be riddled with challenges that can lead to fear…It doesn’t matter where we dwell uncertainty always shows up and tries to ruin the party…Kick out the negativity and embrace your goal for the day…send fear running in your pursuit to make a dream come true…Second Life gives us that opportunity..I am going to cease the day.

Outfit- I got this mesh top and pants for only 99L at Yasum called, Fashion Snuggers
Feet- Gos Boutique Barefeet Flat
Hair- Boon MAU486 in Chocolate
Jewelry- The black ring I have on I got from Maxi Gossamer on the MP as part of a set called, Giselle Opal set in black for 99L….My necklace and earrings are from Kosh.

Your ride to Yasum
Your ride to Gos Boutique
Your ride to Boon

Have a Blessed day!


Acid Lily Feat. .DuCk or SwAn. Skins and LMD

Hello again! I am showing you a couple more things from Acid Lily where every week opens with items and nothing over 70L!

This cute dress is from Leri Miles Designs..called Kitty Dress in Lime.  What I love about this dress is that it is offered in many colors and each just 70L each.

This is in a lovely shade of purple..perfect for the Easter Holiday.

Here is a picture showing all the hues of the dresses..

Now on to the skins…I normally never adjust my shape accept for small modifications to fit mesh and I always have on a dark skin so this is way different for me and I must confess…it was fun!

This skin and shape are by .DuCk or SwAn Skins and it’s called, Sophia.  It comes with a shape as well as a basic skin and three blush-lip looks.

This skin and shape are called, Lee. It comes with a shape and three lip colors. Each of these are 70L each..that is a steal!

Here is your ride to Acid Lily
Here is your ride to LMD
Here is your ride to .DuCk or SwAn Skins

Peace out..


Acid Lily-Featuring LavandaChic and Co*Motion

Acid Lily opened today with a new week of wonderful goodies and nothing over 70L..I am wearing a top from LavandaChic called, Dolly and it comes in two different designs for 70L each.

I am wearing some jeans I got from NV some time em.

I wandered into some butterflies flitting about….This is the other print on the top being offered by LavandaChic.

I also wanted to show some of the poses being offered this week by Co*Motion called, Film*Noir..I am showing you 3 of the 5 poses being offered for the low price of 69L for the set.

Here is your ride to Acid Lily
Here is your ride to LavandaChic
Here is your ride to Co*Motion



I Am A Prisoner

To Death Row Designs!!!! I love this appeals to my darker side and I appreciate the talent that goes into each original creation!

I know that it is Spring….but I could not resist this dress and well….it is breezy on top and it’s short!! So on a cool Spring day this is perfect!!!

I found this dress by Death Row Design’s by accident…I am OBSESSED with every boot ever made!  I found these boots and fell in love….again…I couldn’t resist paging through and found this dress by DRD for only 80L!

                                      These boots are a must have for any funky wardrobe!

                                  This outfit goes perfect with my new hair from ploom!
I love the shape of this hair and the amount of different colors is staggering…so hard to pick…but the price is reasonable enough to get two huds of colors!

I hope you treat yourself for some Death Row Designs today….if you join the in world group you get a discount in the store with your group tag on..They also have a bunch of lucky chairs and I have gotten some great items camping out there!

Here is your ride to Death Row Designs
Here is your ride to ploom

Dress- Death Row Designs, Knit Dress in Moss (I got this for 80L on the MP) It comes with the knit socks.
Boots- Mel Goth Boot, CA3 Black
Hair- ploom, Pea in Candy…..(for some reason that does not sound right lol!)
Earrings- Glam Affair, Valentina Earrings
Ring- LEO-NT Vintage Dream Ring-Baroque…Group Gift

Have a wonderful Sunday!



I’m In Love With My Sn@tch

I love Sn@tch…I get excited as soon as I see the nc come through my notices.  I appreciate the time she takes to give the notecard a cool name that is always memorable.  I am certain Sn@tch is my biggest folder in my inventory.  I know I have said before that I love the color palate but I positively worship the dark greens, reds, black and brown…I love the fits everything I want to always wear. 

This dress is called Juno Jersey Dress…Now let me share the beauty of buying from Sn@tch….

Look at this picture, do you see the XS S M L XL? You buy your size after using the demo and then you get that outfit in said size in ALL THOSE COLORS! That is fabulous business if you ask me….By the way those are all the current new releases that came out today.

Here is your ride to Sn@tch

Dress- Sn@tch, Mesh Juno Jersey Dress in Black
Shoes- Ison Color Block Prism Pump in Black
Hair- Iconic Riot Remy Group Gift
Izzies-OTK socks in Black
Ever an Angel- Brocade tights in Cocoa..(Free gift a long time ago)



Spring Is Near Hunt!

This is a sim wide hunt for Acid Lily and I am going to post some of the great hunt gifts!!!

This skirt is from Sour Pickles..It’s in leopard print and comes with a black thong…oh la la!

It is very sexy and daring!..

All prizes cost 5L..which is like NOTHING!  Get your hunt on and head over to Acid Lily and start digging around!

More hunt gifts to come!

Here is your ride to Acid Lily

And for more information:

Hair- Iconic Riot Remy Group Gift
Shirt- Gawk Black Mini Sweater
Skirt- Sour Pickles Forbidden Mini- Spring Is Near Hunt (Thank you!)
Shoes- N-core Coquette Platform in Black
Jewelry- Finesmith Desire Earrings and Ring only 55L each on the 55L Thursday Shopping List