Month: November 2013

Uneek 109- Liv Glam only 49L

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Liv Glam K Collection Hollaback Girl Outfit 2 (only 49L right now!!) The. Birds Stockings (Horrorfest Halloween Hunt)
FLite. Aviators in Raven
LEONARD Nature Wool Cap in Black
LoQ Hair in Cognac in Hypnotic Red
Izzie’s Over the Knee Socks- in Amber
Slink Mesh Casual Hands
[MANDALA] Simple Unisex Mesh Ears



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Uneek 108

I hope you all have a very blessed Wednesday!

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.Birdy. Snow Cub (This is a group gift and I am really fond of it! You can rez one for your shoulder, as a decoration in your home and in different sizes. It’s so cute!!!)
Eaters Coma Hair 41 in Mocha
C’est la vie ! Mesh Wool Sweater in Caramel (The Chapter Four)
C’est la vie ! Mini Mesh Skirt in Dot Brown
Illmatic Vivica Platform Sandals in Latte
Chop Zuey Harvest Ring (Past Group Gift)
GizzA Asia Watch and Bracelet in Brown



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Uneek 107

I am excited about Depraved Nation’s Dirty Turkey Hunt.  I haven’t started it yet..I was pacing myself lol but I got a subscribers notice from LMD and saw their hunt gift for this hunt and knew I had to skip and hop over there for it.

Here is a link to the Hints and LMD is number 5….Good Luck!!

#05 Leri Miles Designs 
Hint: On the floor near the sun, find vestment that sparkles and shines

I was deep in thought in the above picture and purposefully kept my eyes close…lol..promise! 

Here is your ride to LMD
All other LM’s can be found in the Links Tab at the top of my blog.


LMD Layered Skirt in Chocolate and Cropped Sweater in Chocolate (The Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Gos Boutique Mesh Flat Bare Feet
booN AFL221 Hair in Blonde
[ bubble ] Autumn Scarf V1 (The Autumn Effect Hunt…past Depraved Nation Hunt)
Izzie’s Hole Bangles (Part of the TDRF in the past)
[MANDALA] Simple Unisex Mesh Ears
Slink Casual Mesh Hands



Uneek 106- Kiss My Sn@tch!

I will be honest..I have hated that I just post pictures and credits…but I am not really sure what else to say? I love fashion but I will be the first to admit that I just know how to put everything on and take a very average picture lol…but what I can do is bring you excellent deals, sales and bargains.  I am thrifty in my rl and seem to be in sl as well to.  It is only on occasion that I treat myself to something not on sale and the whole kit and caboodle!  So suffice it to say I have never really found my niche in Second Life so I am going to use my blog to start practicing different the end I hope you like my outfit and want to get it for yourself but in truth I would really like to inspire your heart…give you a little something that will leave you smiling at the end and perhaps look forward to hearing more from me..maybe..just a little..could be good!

Sn@tch is one of my favorite stores..if you have seen my blog a time or two..I have posted a lot of Sn@tch goodness.  Here is what I love about Sn@tch.

1. I love the pricing. You get MANY colors for a very reasonable price and for as long as I have shopped there she hasn’t changed it.
2.  I love the color palette and I know that when she comes out with a new design it will for sure be in those colors I love so much. 
3. She comes out with new stuff at least once a week..which takes all my coins lol but gives so much to my wardrobe.
4. This isn’t by far the last…actually it means the most to me.  She interacts with her customers.  She is always friendly and has acknowledged me when I have sent her my blog to show her the item I have blogged.  She may not always repost it but she has ALWAYS thanked me and that is more than enough.  That being said there have been a couple times she has posted it on fb…and it makes an old gals heart thank you for that.

In closing I want to say…I may become a bit unpredictable with my blog as I try to find my place but I need to do this because being misplaced for so long..I feel like a misfit and aren’t we supposed to come to sl and be something????

My word for today- ACKNOWLEDGEMENT


a :  the act of acknowledging

b :  recognition or favorable notice of an act or achievement

:  a thing done or given in recognition of something received
:  a declaration or avowal of one’s act or of a fact to give it legal validity

It really doesn’t take much to acknowledge another person but it can bring joy and affirmation to the person receiving it.  A little can do a lot in this case.  I challenge you to acknowledge another person today….I think it makes both the giver and receiver feel very good inside.

Time to get your Sn@tch on:

Here is your ride to Sn@tch
All other LM’s can be found in the Links Tab at the top of my blog.

Sn@tch Mesh Simone Retro Dress in Silver (Comes in many great colors for a great price)
booN Bota76 Hairpiece in Black
Gos Boutique Grace Sandals in Mirror
Dark Mouse Anzac Pearls Necklace and Earrings (only on mp)

Slink Casual Mesh Hands
[MANDALA] Simple Unisex Mesh Ears (I am not sure what happened but they fell off in my pics but please wear them! lol)