Liv Glam’s Sasha Handbag…Is A Girl’s Best Friend


The Handbag

The handbag is a rare delight, it’s like Aladdin’s cave,
All sorts of things are hidden there, that females like to save,
It’s black and big and heavy, with a nice long shoulder strap,
Its weighted down with odds and sods and other stuff like that.

But the lady finds just what she wants deep down amongst her treasure,
Of keys and pins and leg hair wax and a metric rule for measure,
The remnants of forgotten ills with aspirins held so dear,
Birth control and other pills with labels quite unclear.

Calorie counters, cotton buds, old lottery tickets too,
Handkerchiefs and white tissues for visiting the loo,
A book of stamps, a tube of glue, letters from I don’t know who,
Horoscopes with personal star, petrol vouchers for the car.

Perfume loaded by the box, knitting needles, pairs of socks,
Bank statements and counterfoils, sachet samples, body oils,
Cassette tapes and eye mascara, postcards from old Connamara
Itineraries for keep-fit classes, lipstick and a pair of glasses,

Emery boards, a pot of Vic, silver tweezers, half a brick,
Screwdriver, spanners, ball of wool, ancient notebook partly full,
Bristle brush for long tresses, photographs and addresses,
Polo mints and a mobile phone just in case they stray from home.

Cheque book stubs, leather gloves, insect spray for the shrubs,
Driving licence, bingo card, cuttings from the paper,
Favourite verse, loaded purse and a windscreen scraper,
Credit cards, safety razor, golden buttons off a blazer.

All these things are lugged around and many more as well,
It could be that you need them, you really cannot tell,
So come on fella’s don’t take the mick – out of the lady’s handbag
You never know there could be a flood and you could use it as a sandbag.

But best of all it is a friend, that’s with them every day,
Slung upon the shoulder in a casual way,
And don’t forget it is a club – not of the member kind,
But the bag itself when wielded right could change a mugger’s mind.

By Joe Earl



This new handbag from Liv Glam is amazing and let me share with you why….not only is it perfect in size making it totally versatile for your whole wardrobe but the texture is fabulous and it comes with a HUD to change up the colors…and there is even more!  This handbag comes with an AO…AN AO!!  All the pictures you see here I am in a pose that comes with this AO.  As you stand there the AO will randomly change poses, it even comes with a walk.  I think this is such a great product.  So many times I want to take a great pic of a purse I have and it’s such a struggle….that is no longer an issue.


Liv Glam By Your Side Dress

Liv Glam Sasha Handbag (Currently at Designer’s Showcase)

Cashmere Heart of Glass Platforms in Blood (SLink Medium Mesh Feet Required)

SLink Medium Mesh Feet

May’s Soul Moon Jewelry in Black ( The Fantasy Room)

.Olive. The Natalie Hair in Burned Browns (The Seasons Story)

SLink Casual Mesh Hands



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