I Decidedly Love, Undecided by Liv Glam


I am so excited to show you an outfit from Liv Glam this week from Chic La Mode.  When I saw this on the nc they sent out I was so exited to try it on.  This outfit is called, Undecided but I decidedly LOVE it.  It comes with a mesh Jacket in 6 sizes that has a 6 color hud option, a bra and shirt both in system layers and then the mesh pants also in 6 sizes.  I liked the look both with the shirt on as well as a more sexy look with just the bra on under the coat.


This coat is amazing! It feels heavy and the embellishments give it a tapestry style and it’s finished with pearl buttons expertly sewn on. This will be a versatile jacket I can easily wear with other outfits and with 6 color options I think I see it with so many things in the future. Get this outfit for 99L right now. Try it on..you are going to love it.



Liv Glam Undecided Outfit (Currently offered for Chic La Mode)

Eudora 3d Kaede Wedges in Browns

~Pepper~ Gothic Necklace

LEO-NT Vintage Dream Ring in Baroque

booN LCA518 in Black

Zibska Brynna Eyeshadows (Group Gift)

Jamman Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails

SLink Casual Mesh Hands

XNT Valise Traveling Bag (I don’t think they are around any longer)



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