Maai Has Always Been Breast Friendly!


Boobs, Butts and Beyond is a wonderful event that is raising awareness and donation for Breast Cancer Action. Maai is a part of this action and has made more than one lovely creation to contribute to this very worthy cause. 100% of of the proceeds for this gorgeous gown are being donated to Breast Cancer Action and it only costs 100L….and there is no denying the beauty of this gown. It is perfect for this time of year and the fabric and textures are glorious. It is an honor to model this for Maai and I encourage you to go to this event and take part. There isn’t a woman alive that is exempt from the fear of this cancer and we need to do all we can to further awareness…..wearing this gown will bring a smile to your lips for more than one reason…for it’s beauty but also for the part that is donated to bring about such awareness…

Pictures were made by the man of my husband, Gabriel LaCroix.



Teleport to Boobs, Butts and Beyond

Maai  Tuga Gown (Created for Boobs, Butts and Beyond)

Truth Hair Thelma in Browns (Currently at Collabor88)

(Yummy) Work Pearls in White

I am sorry I didn’t actually wear heels for this picture as I was loving the feel of the dirt under my feet and squishing between my toes reminding me that I am just one small person in this great big world and no one is guaranteed tomorrow especially those facing cancer of any kind….so slip of your shoes and breath in deeply and then treat yourself to a walk in the dirt…it will make you feel young again and put things in perspective.

Love and Peace Always,

Madeline Bouvier-LaCroix


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