Even In The Gloom Do I Liv Glamorously


A new week means all new items at Liv Glam! This week at the Cosmopolitan Show Room Liv Glam has brought you some exceptional items at great prices everyone can afford. I am wearing, Big in Japan. This is a mesh one piece outfit in 5 sizes. This outfit comes with a hud that contains 6 color options. There is also a new pair of SLink heels being showcased they are called the, Ravish Platform Pumps. These great shoes require SLink medium feet. If you still don’t have these mesh feet then you need to get on board because so many designers are making shoes for them and I have seen very expensive heels but I have seen very reasonable heels as well. I think they are definitely worth tossing some Lindens on. I know I gush about Liv Glam but I can’t help it when they really meet most of my needs…but they give you a hud for these shoes so you can pick from many colors as well as black. If you are on a budget you can get these and certainly look like you have all the Lindens in the Universe!


To further compliment this look I am carrying a handbag that came out not to long ago from Liv Glam. This purse comes with a color change hud so it will go with tons of outfits. The detail on this bag is terrific, if you zoom in you can see the detail on the gold metal and the embossing on the red section of the bag. Don’t forget this bag comes with that great AO as well! I took my photos with AO poses. It has an excellent price tag to! You get way more than you pay for!



Liv Glam Big in Japan(Currently at the Cosmopolitan Show Room)

Liv Glam Ravish Platform Pumps (Currently at the Cosmopolitan Show Room. SLink Medium Mesh Feet Required)

Liv Glam Sasha Handbag (Comes with that great AO)

Zibska Katherine Hat( Part of the Triple Crown Hat Hunt)

Chop Zuey Le Bolshevik Blu Cal Set

SLink Casual Mesh Hands

SLink Medium Mesh Feet

Vanity Hair Vintage Base 5



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