PENUMBRA Fashion Week Presents Dead Dollz, Pt 2


Sometimes I Feel Like A Puppet Without Any Strings.


PENUMBRA Fashion Week begins tomorrow and Dead Dollz is There! This is going to be a great event that showcases fashions from distinguished designers from all over the grid. If you want to read more about it just click HERE.


Kiddo Oh, the owner of Dead Dollz will be showcasing some amazing creations! This lovely Mesh dress is a creations of hers and will be available at Fashion Week. It’s called, It’s Worth, and the dress and panties include 5 sizes.



Dead Dollz It’s Worth!  in Pink

BAX Ankle Boots in Metallic Rose

Lazuri Heritage Pearl Set

D!va Elsa Hair in Cat’s Eye

~Cannibelle~ Angel Wing Socks in White

SLink Casual Mesh Hands

Jamman SLink Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails

.Birdy. Daenery’s Skin in Biscuit



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