Laundry? No…Relaxing…Yes


I am wearing a new outfit from Liv Glam that is part of the Fashion Stars Event this week. This Mesh outfit is called, Liberian Girl. This is a pants and top outfit and includes 5 sizes and comes with a Texture Change HUD that has three options for the top as well as three options for the pants.


Liv Glam has come out with loads of new shoes made for SLink feet. I am not sure life can get much better than this!! The pair I have on are called, Kendall and they are made for SLink High Mesh Feet. They come with a fabulous HUD to change the colors of the shoes and bows. I didn’t get a super picture of them and you need to see them so here they are in the ad!


It’s time to relax now and think about doing laundry later!



Liv Glam Boutique-Liberian Girl (Currently at Fashion Stars)

Liv Glam Boutique Kendall High Heels (NEW RELEASE- SLink High Mesh Feet Required)

Elysium African Jewelry Set (Past Mega Hunt Gift)

eXxEsS LADA Hair in Dark Brown

SLink High Mesh Feet

SLink Casual Mesh Hands



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