Cracks In My Foundation


I am so excited about this creation by Yula Finesmith. When I saw the note card come through and read that it was on the Marketplace I clicked right away to see it. It only took 5 seconds to secure that baby in my inventory! There is so much that comes with this purchase that you’re not going to believe it!!! Let me share the goodies with you! There is a light and dark version of this outfit and I chose the dark one called, Dark Love. This is an all Mesh outfit that includes Mesh pants and Mesh bra in 5 sizes each. There is the adornment on the front of the bra as well as the headpiece. It also comes with nails made for Slink hands! These nails rock! There is a HUD that offers two great color options to wear with the outfit but I love them so much I will wear these nails with other outfits for sure. Finally, the shoes….YES SHOES! I would pay what I paid for the whole outfit just for those sensational heels. You need Slink High Mesh Feet to wear them but if you don’t have those feet yet then get on board! These heels are going to be a go to a “go to” item. This Haute Couture outfit that is beautifully crafted is also completely functional and a great asset to your wardrobe. Treat yourself today and stun your friends with an unforgettable look!!!



FINESMITH LOVE BLACK (New Stunning Release on the Marketplace!!!!!)

MADesigns Swirl Hairbase

[MANDALA] Simple Mesh Elf Ears

Slink High Mesh Feet

Slink Casual Mesh Hands

Poses by Di’s Opera



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