Already Home

Already Home

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are about to blog an outfit and as your are accessorizing it you start to feel an emotional connection to it and having that feeling enhanced even more when you go to the location and start taking pictures and find you have mentally transported yourself to another place? Yeah, that sounds deep I know but I swear it just happened. I was putting on this amazing gown and heels from Ghee and I thought to myself..I feel like Cinderella in this but as I I started to add to the outfit I really felt like Cinderella…I was really having a Cinderella moment and I loved it!

I knew right away that the place I went to take the pictures needed to have meaning for me to complete this great experience….I found it. The music playing in my headphones and the poses just came out right and before I knew it…I felt joyous inside…with the help of Ghee of course I created a magical moment and the setting was literally heavenly.






ghee Starlight Gown in Silver

ghee Sequin Heels in Silver (Slink High Feet Required)

EMO-tions Cheyenne Hair in Black and White (Only 99L right now during their sale)

Chop Zuey True Romance Set in Platinum

Chop Zuey Ice Queen Ring



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