Designer Showcase Brings The Boys To The Yard!


Ladies! Ladies! Hear me on this one! Alright imagine I am a single woman for a few moments. I need to go get the mail. I can’t think of anything better to wear than this kick ass summer outfit and heels by Liv Glam currently at the Designer Showcase…It’s such a chore to get the mail on days like this so I may as well look amazing while I saunter on out there.   It’s soooooooooooo hot and muggy out..OH…I just need to stretch this way and that.  *groan as I move into each pose dramatically*  So it’s safe to say when I am looking spectacular for such a chore like this all the boys come to my yard for milk…or something…However that goes…any why shouldn’t they…Mamma is in the mood to share! *purrs softly*….Ok well …I am married so men do not come to my yard for….milk…. but I assure you ladies…they be looking.  You need to head on over to the Designer Showcase and get this look and bring all the boys to your yard…peace 🙂




Liv Glam Take You Higher (Currently at the Designer Showcase)

Liv Glam Jolene Heel (Currently at Designer Showcase.  This shoe requires Slink Medium Mesh Feet)

Vanity Hair Selfish in Dark Reds

#adored Totally Warped Eyeshadows in Whiskey



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