Ghee Black Fashion Fair Exclusive!


Dark perfection is found in the Black Burnout Velvet Gown. The texture is outstanding, the velvet feels true under the caress of my fingers. I feel dangerous in this gown and know for certain that if I have my eyes set on you, you will be mine….Just kidding my darling husband! Sheesh..I could end up in a dungeon…trust me ladies the feeling is true…bring on the fantasy by slipping on the velvet gloves that come with the gown. With the slip of your hand deep inside each perfectly tailored finger you will fill alive and soon be prowling….raw raw.





Ghee Black Burnout Velvet Gown(Currently at the Black Fashion Fair)

Glam Affair Rose Skin Pearl 04

[CO57] Valentina Heels in Russian (Slink High Mesh Feet Required)

+WTG+ Black Queen Collar

Vita’s Boudoir Irena Curly in Black

Glam Affair Elit Eyes Makeup 7

Glam Affair Elit Lipstick 12

Ikon Mortal Eyes in Jade

Poses by Morphine



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