Damselfly’s Two Fer One FlexMesh Hair!


I don’t know about you all but I love Mesh hair but I love Flexi hair too, but quite honestly I would not buy it unless there was Mesh hair as well….The two combined are my favorite! I love the flow and movement but want the form following that Mesh hair provides. I must not be alone because people have asked Damselfly to give you some Flexi with your Mesh…Not only have they heard you and answered your request but they are giving you TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. What does that mean you say? It means that as a bonus on certain hairs in your purchase you will have a Mesh hair as well as a Flexi add on and you can wear them together or just the Mesh Hair all by itself!!!!


Here is a description as a part of the official release of Becky.
“Annnouncing FlexMesh, the newest offering from Damselfly. Add our unique mod flexi prims to an unrigged, modifiable mesh base and enjoy movement and fullness. Or wear the rigged mesh piece alone for form-following fashion.”

Watch how it works here:


Damselfly Presents Becky Hair In FlexMesh



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