.PENUMBRA. Sneak Peek Presents ghee


Most anyone that knows me knows I am huge fan of ghee. I have tremendous respect for the owners Warm and Bea. They work diligently and are so exuberant about what they create and it shows in each piece of every collection they introduce. I have honestly never been disappointed in anything they have made but really feel like a groopy (how do you spell that lol) drooling over everything and then of course wearing it lol! This gown is soooooo exceptional..you could pose in front of a trash cans an it’s going to make the trash look great as part of the picture. The vibrant colors and pattern leap off this gown and make you feel so confident wearing it and putting on the head scarf sort of contrasts that feeling with being fragile and demure….the combination will make you want to wear this gown again and again. This would be an outstanding Role Play gown as well…I would strut around…I mean be demure and fragile around the men folk….lol…Just go to Sneak Peek and get it and wear it where you want!!




ghee Once Upon a Time Gown in Amber

booN Gura21 Hairpiece in Red


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