ghee Is Never Ordinary But Always Extraordinary


ghee has come out with some new accessories and they are sublime! Check out these tights…I am stumbling over the keys on my keyboard to come up with the words to express how freaking great all the colors in this new collection of tights are. I have loved all the tights they have come out with and all these new colors are equally fantastic and necessary for any wardrobe! I obviously can only wear one pair at a time..sadly…so I added the ad for the tights so you can see firsthand all the new colors..get em…wear em.




ghee has also come out with some more new Slink nails! I tried my best to get a great angle on them but aren’t they fabulous? I added the ad so you can see all the colors available. These colors come in so many shades and are great for the coming season and beyond.




ghee Essential Opaque Tights

ghee Essential Nails

loveme. Loose Dress in Flower Pack

-ATTIC- Doccish Boots in Reddish

+Spellbound+ NachoBitch Hair in Brunettes



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