Skin Fair featuring OtherSkin


This story told by Kaleidos Hope, skin designer for OtherSkin.
“Her name is Satura, she was born in the darkest room of our souls, she wasn’t able to speak. Never learned how to see and how to listen. She was blind, mute and deaf! I think she was 7 Years old, or more 7000 Years, in the infinity of this room, when she was enlightened. It wasn’t that kind of enlightenment You are maybe thinking of now. It wasn’t the light, who taught her heart how to suffer and how to enjoy. It wasn’t the first noise, who cleaned her eyes of the endless black of loneliness. The truth is, she was touched, touched by a kind of premonition! Softly, it crawled her neck and went down the spine, to leave her body at the acute of her toes. Just to start again, looking for the way through her darkest emotions. The feeling, she hated it first, wasn’t willing to go, she tried all to get rid of it, but without success. It stayed permanent in her back, like someone who’s longing for Your soul! She gave up, to chase away something, who came voluntary to her, and thought to herself, that everything free ok is for You! It grew and became stronger, it told her so beautiful stories and so deep secrets of her being. She never wanted to miss that feeling anymore. She knew, she would die without it, she would loose herself, she never would longer exist without her wings!
Today, Satura is much older than 7 Years.
She has seen so beautiful and cruelly stories and sometimes she comes along to our planet, the lost garden, to watch the people let their own wings grow!”

I contacted Kaleidos and asked what his vision was for her. He asked me to make her beautiful. In selecting items for her to wear I became connected with her or emotionally involved in the story and this is what I came up with. I hope that you see her as beautiful as I do..I think in the process my wings grew. Thank you Kaleidos.



OtherSkin Satura Skin in Black Olive (Skin Fair!)

EMO-tions Black Widow Outfit

EMO-tions Cheyenne Hair in Black

Remarkable Oblivian Eternity Wings in Innocence

Chop Zuey True Romance in Platinum



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