My Soul Belongs To You

My Soul Belongs To You

Ghee- NYX Bento Gloves- The Darkness Event

Ghee-NYX Body Suit- The Darkness Event

Ghee- NYX Boots w/Hud

Tableau Vivant – Editorial Upside Down

Del May Pose- no longer available

The picture was taken at The Pulse




Well Look What I Found

One of my favorite hangouts, The Swamp Rock Club.  Upon landing at the club you are greeted with big lush trees that remind you of some movie you have watched that takes place down in the bayou.  If you don’t move fast enough a crocodile can grab your ankles.  In the near distance, you can hear the DJ spinning your favorite rock tunes.  The sounds of crickets and cicadas chirp around you as that balmy weather forms a fine sheen of sweat over your body as it begins to move in tune with the music.   Watching the people in the same circumstances makes you appreciate nature and it’s contribution to the flow of music that surrounds you.  I couldn’t help but wander off a bit……in heels I might add. I suppose in hopes that if I fell someone would be there to catch me but as I looked around it was moss and muddy water.  I still wanted to slide off my heels and wriggle my toes in there, but I was warned about those durn snakes, another time I guess.  If they have fashionable snake proof boots you know I will find them! As I was tentatively trying to stay on the path my curiosity takes over and soon I am standing in the middles of the tallest beautiful flowers.  I wanted to touch one but I was rather afraid some snapping teeth would get me, you know how some beautiful plants, bugs, what have you aren’t always what they seem? I knew one thing…..I could take a picture. As I was trying to pose I saw this tiny little frog.  I wanted it!!  I was either going to lick it or see if it would turn into my prince but before I could reach for it, my little wonder hopped off into the unknown.  Right then my camera went off and this picture is what I got.  I loved it, nature in its purest form with a woman in heels standing amidst it.  I think more adventures will be had here by me.  I highly suggest this club for all the reasons I mentioned but in addition, the staff, hosts and DJ’s are so nice and make you feel welcome.  It’s not just their party in the swamp, they make sure you know it’s yours as well.  To have your experience at The Swamp Rock Club just hop on that link and watch out for those gators!

Taken at the Swamp Rock Club



Stand UP! The Best DJ on the Grid Competition

The Best DJ on the Grid Competition is a Relay for Life of Second Life event that reflects A Stand for Hope’s desire to reach out to the music industry for the best of the best.
Are you the best DJ on the Grid? Do you know someone who is? Let us know!
Who benefits? We ALL do. We get to hear great music and we financially support the American Cancer Society’s programs through the Relay for Life of Second Life.
The numbers: 4 weekends, 8 DJs, 3 judges and innumerable kiosks.

Save These Dates! March 12-13, 19-20, 26-27, April 2–3, 2016
(on each day the competition runs from 11am to 3pm SLT) All dates will be streamed to the Grid and beyond courtesy of Claw Radio
Stand UP! is sponsored by: Xtreme Designs, Allure and Allure 360

Only one DJ will be named the winner. The DJs scores will be a combination of 5 judged criteria and successful fundraising for the Relay for Life of Second Life. The winner will receive a prize package containing $L25,000, gift cards, a custom DJ intro, a custom jacket and more!
You can find the DJ application here: http://www.astandforhope.org/#!blank/wm97p
A Stand For Hope has partnered with: PENUMBRA, Claw Radio, SL Live Radio, Miss SL Magazine, Shiny Shaby, and Model SL Magazine
Contact: Ariel Goldrozen in world or at astandforhope@gmail.co


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Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

In Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret

Ladies and Gentlemen Siren Productions and SCALA invite you to a world of sin and depravity where the Boylesque Boys are HOT and the Cabaret Girls are dangerous. Come and join us along with Designing SL, ModeLS Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, THEMA Publications, ModeLS Magazine, Dope Magazine, L’Homme, MENStuff, WOMENStuff, and, SL Live Radio as we hit the world of burlesque for this years Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016. Feb. 26th-March 5th, 2016 will be at the Cabaret with a little bit of vintage touches. We will see a bit of Dorothy Parkers NY, Cole Porters Broadway, Tin Pan Alley, and the Follies with a dash of a modern aesthetic to bring it all together. Find classic vintage finds mixed with seamed stockings and just a hint of modern to make it current.

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 is set to kick off on Feb 26th, 2016 with shows from Lazuri and Zibska. Not to mention a host of wonderful other designers including Wicca’s Wardrobe, Lavian & Co., and Taox Tattoo to name a few. We have fun in store for you from over 60 fabulous designers of Jewelry, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts, Make-up, Headbands, Body Jewelry, and more. Faster Pussycat, PurpleMoon Creations, Tres Beau, Kunglers, and Meva, are only a small fraction of the designers who will be present. You will get to see all the creations from the designers on the runway on Friday Feb. 26th, 2015 at  5pm with Siren Productions and SCALA. There are shows and parties planned the entire week!

To stay up to date with goings on including an exciting Boylesque Boys show and one featuring the Cabaret Girls at Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 please be sure to visit http://sirenproductionsl.com to grab a complete schedule and more info. Do not forget to bring something to cool you down because your temperature is going to rise.

J&A Expo 2016 Teaser Coming Feb 26th, 2016

Prepare yourself for a rip roarin’ good time…

Lexie Jansma
Siren Productions CEO