Pink Acid

the first day of summer

the first day of summer

the first day of summer


Sinful Curves Skin-Kenya in Ebony

Elegance Boutique– Pina Vintage Top (Tres Chic)

Elegance Boutique-Pina Vintage Pants and Shorts(Tres Chic)

REIGN Bowtie Strap Heels

[KoKoLoReS] Drew HUD 1

Pink Acid– Mascara On My Lashes (top only)

.euphoric– Milano Mesh Eyes- Set 3

Zibska– Plais Lipstick

Jumo Paris Eyeshadow


why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!


Chronokit Mods Kit Coat 01 in Khaki

Chronokit Mods Coat 01 Fur in Black

Chronikit Long Sarouel Pants in Ethnic 3 Green

Lumae Adore 8 Sable Bare

Blues Hair– Nori in Red

Pink Acid Mousy Floral Hall Headband-Halloween (The Chapter Four)

Razor Johnny Rotten Boots w/HUD

Manticore Lion

Di’s Opera  Couture Series and Glam Series

Pictures taken at Pumpkin Town


.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week: SlackGirl as well as Elysium!!!!


Elysium is at The Liaison Collaborative for May with the Byron Hat. The hat comes in four colors each with a HUD to change up the colors on the band around the hat. The hat fits both men and women and I think makes this outfit look sleek.

SlackGirl has a very nice collection that I have been modeling and blogging for you. This dress has geometric shapes and very form fitting. I love the colors, so earthy. You can find this at .PENUMBRA. Fashion week!


 .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week: May 16 – May 23…


SlackGirl Penumbra02 (Includes Earrings and Heels)

Elysium Byron Hat in Color Group 1 (The Liaison Collaborative)

David Heather Chic Pussy

booN GURA21 in Red

Pink Acid Lip Gloss for TMP

Pink Acid Anakoi Skin


Delirium Style





Delirium Style Bray’s Casual Baggy Capri w/HUD

Delirium Style Knotted Shirt w/HUD

Bleich Mesh Unisex Slip-on’s in Black

Remarkable Oblivion Neon Dream Headphones in Lemon

KOPI Messenger Bag in Denim (Creators Collection Box) 

The Sugar Garden Shy Megane Glasses in Black

Pink Acid Amare Skin