Pink Acid

the first day of summer

the first day of summer

the first day of summer


Sinful Curves Skin-Kenya in Ebony

Elegance Boutique– Pina Vintage Top (Tres Chic)

Elegance Boutique-Pina Vintage Pants and Shorts(Tres Chic)

REIGN Bowtie Strap Heels

[KoKoLoReS] Drew HUD 1

Pink Acid– Mascara On My Lashes (top only)

.euphoric– Milano Mesh Eyes- Set 3

Zibska– Plais Lipstick

Jumo Paris Eyeshadow


you don’t know me any longer




Faster Pussycat/Bender– Punky Princess Caped Jacket and Laced Pants

booN– X;M410 in Black

PUMEC Elven Lie Skin in White

Maxi Gossamer Alexa White Pearl Choker

Pink Acid Synthetic Top Lashes

Ricielli Eira High Heels in Navy


why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!


Chronokit Mods Kit Coat 01 in Khaki

Chronokit Mods Coat 01 Fur in Black

Chronikit Long Sarouel Pants in Ethnic 3 Green

Lumae Adore 8 Sable Bare

Blues Hair– Nori in Red

Pink Acid Mousy Floral Hall Headband-Halloween (The Chapter Four)

Razor Johnny Rotten Boots w/HUD

Manticore Lion

Di’s Opera  Couture Series and Glam Series

Pictures taken at Pumpkin Town


.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week: SlackGirl as well as Elysium!!!!


Elysium is at The Liaison Collaborative for May with the Byron Hat. The hat comes in four colors each with a HUD to change up the colors on the band around the hat. The hat fits both men and women and I think makes this outfit look sleek.

SlackGirl has a very nice collection that I have been modeling and blogging for you. This dress has geometric shapes and very form fitting. I love the colors, so earthy. You can find this at .PENUMBRA. Fashion week!


 .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week: May 16 – May 23…


SlackGirl Penumbra02 (Includes Earrings and Heels)

Elysium Byron Hat in Color Group 1 (The Liaison Collaborative)

David Heather Chic Pussy

booN GURA21 in Red

Pink Acid Lip Gloss for TMP

Pink Acid Anakoi Skin


Delirium Style





Delirium Style Bray’s Casual Baggy Capri w/HUD

Delirium Style Knotted Shirt w/HUD

Bleich Mesh Unisex Slip-on’s in Black

Remarkable Oblivion Neon Dream Headphones in Lemon

KOPI Messenger Bag in Denim (Creators Collection Box) 

The Sugar Garden Shy Megane Glasses in Black

Pink Acid Amare Skin