why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!

why is everyone so nervous? i am having a splendid time!


Chronokit Mods Kit Coat 01 in Khaki

Chronokit Mods Coat 01 Fur in Black

Chronikit Long Sarouel Pants in Ethnic 3 Green

Lumae Adore 8 Sable Bare

Blues Hair– Nori in Red

Pink Acid Mousy Floral Hall Headband-Halloween (The Chapter Four)

Razor Johnny Rotten Boots w/HUD

Manticore Lion

Di’s Opera  Couture Series and Glam Series

Pictures taken at Pumpkin Town


time, don’t be so eager to flee from me!





ghee Fright Night Dress (25L Halloween Special)

Arise Dema Eyes in Black

Zibska Helka Hair w/HUD

Zibska Algar w/HUD (We Love Role Play)

Chop Zuey Itsy Bitsy Spider Set

PUMEC LAND Caroline Skin (We Love Role Play)

grafica Poses– Josephine and Kiyoko

Del May Poses– Tense


shopping is exhausting, i need a latte





DEESSES Boutique Loree in Black Coffee (Fashion Fair Collection.  This package includes 2 Eye Shadow Palettes, Luxury and Jameia)

DEESSES Boutique Luxury Eye Shadow Palette #6 (There are 15 in this collection and it’s part of the Loree Skin Package)

N-Core Alexandria Black Boots

Apple May Designs Chunky Pearl in Noir (Only 25L for a limited time!)

-siss boom- Ruched Dress in Grey

booN TBR725 in Black


i’m gonna syncopate my skin to your heart beating





Egozy Hyolee for TMP in Pale (I am wearing eye shadow and lipstick included in the pack)

BigBeautifulDoll Latex Lingerie Tia in Red (Hooked up with all da appliers!)

SEXY.GODDESS 4 in 1 Christmas Junky Hair

MAAI Suki Fitmesh Gloves w/HUD in Black

PurpleMoon Creations Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses in Red


i do believe i have pissed off a bear


Never was anything great achieved without danger.
Niccolo Machiavelli




[The Forge] Banshee Armor in Black

[The Forge] Daerwen Armor (Worn Black)

[The Forge] Eye of Ulysses in Pink

[The Forge] Vyrna Necklace in Black

[The Forge] Razor Rose Crown in Black (Rare)

Zibska Black Cracked Eyeshadow 10

Zibska– The Bodysuit w/HUD

Zibska Aphra Eyes w/HUD

Death Row Designs– Dark Forest Horns

Death Row Designs– Lazy Thigh Highs

TAOX Tattoo– Wild Spirit

Alterego Victoria Skin in Snow (Top Shelf)

SlackGirl Ethnic 03 Darkness

Morphine Poses– Rip It Up Set

Pictures taken here


if only i had brought my book….





The Annex Beth Dress in Blue Floral

Zoul Creations Della Skin in SK3

Zoul Creations Della Eyeshadow in Brown Smokey 2 (Included with skin)

Slink Oxford Heels with Socks (Includes a sock HUD as well as tall or short sock)

Tableau Vivant Scarlet Hair

Hela Poses– OMG Shoes 2

Pretense Poses– Lounge Pose Set

I took these pictures at The Retreat while doing the Expose Yourself To Art Hunt which I loved!


standing on the precipice


Do you ever find yourself there, standing on the precipice and it would just take one small step backwards….Something has brought you to this point, a broken dream, bad news, disillusionment about how you thought you life would be…or maybe the joy has left….whatever the reason, there we stand each with a choice to step or stay.

I find myself here to often.  I close my eyes and prepare myself, thinking over all the reasons why I shouldn’t take that one step to finality.  My greatest blessing was giving birth to my daughter 9 years ago, but the toll it has taken on my body since has added to my brokeness.  It’s not her fault and I have no regrets and not all things I have gone through are a result of that but since then the pain, the medical procedures along with all my other dysfunctional luggage has me standing here right now…..once again…contemplating.

What keeps me here?

What always makes me take that step forward as opposed to backwards to live again?  Sure, I could say all the rational ones, it’s selfish, my children…we all know the answers to that and yeah that does play a big part but the truth is….I am not ready to go….I stand here just pissed off I am so close to the edge….how do I fix myself?  Will the pain emotional and physical ever be bearable?

It doesn’t matter.

It’s not my step to take.

My brother took that step at 35 years old and I have grieved his loss ever since.

You probably think that is my reason…..it could be one of them.

But I am going with the truth and the truth is God promises to never leave me….I can leave Him but that is that wonderful “choice” He has given all of us….He will never leave me…

I am holding God to that promise and I am going to try and stop running away so much.

So I am going to take that first step away from the ledge, will you join me?  For so long my friends have been, Pain, Fear and Grief….We are pretty tight so I think they will stick around but some things are happening…their happening because I am allowing that healing to take place in my heart…..I have seen a couple of new people on the block, Hope and Renewal, they seem pretty cool.

I am sure this post may break the rules but don’t you think sometimes we just have to??  I feel so much better just sharing this and if there is is even one person standing on that precipice and decides to walk forward instead of back well then…join my hand and let’s proceed together.

Much Love




i make hard look soft





Delirium Style – Enjoy Life Suit in Lemon

May’s Soul Beast Horns in Black

Taox Tattoo– Malicious

L’Etre Regina Skin in Sienna

L’Etre Gem Mesh Lashes (Turquoise)

L’Etre Royal Lipstick in Scarlet Pallet

SoliDea FoliEs Chameleon Rings

Truth Hair– Randa in Browns

NikotiN SLIM in Black

The Forge Chained Rose Collar in Black

{Dead Apples} Striking Eyes in Hazel


June Monteiro inspires me


I am wearing a new skin from JUMO called, Viola that goes beautifully with the new CATWA Jessica Mesh Head. This skin is offered in 9 sensational colors, Bronze, Caramel, Cocoa, Cream, Ebony, Fraise, Honey, Pale and Porcelain. Please try a demo!


JUMO is part of the Rock Your Rack Event and her amazing gown is called, Courage. “It is a tribute to all the people that battled and are still battling against all kinds of cancer, and also to their families, as they are all filled with Courage to face their life’s challenges. It is a very elegant gown, full of style and meaning.” This gown comes in five different colors, red, black, green, gold and blue. It includes a headpiece and you can also get the matching jewels that are sold separately.


The gorgeous painting “Country Life”  in my photos are from a very talented lady, Carlotta Ceawlin of Dreamscape Art Gallery. I have always been a fan of her work and when I saw this painting in The Photographers Hunt I was so excited to blog it!!!

The poses I used are also from The Photographers Hunt from [Black Tulip]. This is a brand new set that you can get on the hunt for only 5L! The hunt starts on October 1st, 2015.

Here is a link to The Photographers Hunt for all your information needs.


JUMO Courage Gown in Neptune (Rock Your Rack Event)

JUMO Viola Skin in Pale

CATWA Jessica Mesh Head

Lazuri MVW 2013 Nayomi Gartner Complete Set

Vanity Hair -Moonriver- All Browns Pack

Dreamscape Art Gallery “Country Life” (The Photographers Hunt starting October 1st, 2015)

[Black Tulip] Standing #2 (The Photographers Hunt starting October 1st, 2015)