Well Look What I Found

One of my favorite hangouts, The Swamp Rock Club.  Upon landing at the club you are greeted with big lush trees that remind you of some movie you have watched that takes place down in the bayou.  If you don’t move fast enough a crocodile can grab your ankles.  In the near distance, you can hear the DJ spinning your favorite rock tunes.  The sounds of crickets and cicadas chirp around you as that balmy weather forms a fine sheen of sweat over your body as it begins to move in tune with the music.   Watching the people in the same circumstances makes you appreciate nature and it’s contribution to the flow of music that surrounds you.  I couldn’t help but wander off a bit……in heels I might add. I suppose in hopes that if I fell someone would be there to catch me but as I looked around it was moss and muddy water.  I still wanted to slide off my heels and wriggle my toes in there, but I was warned about those durn snakes, another time I guess.  If they have fashionable snake proof boots you know I will find them! As I was tentatively trying to stay on the path my curiosity takes over and soon I am standing in the middles of the tallest beautiful flowers.  I wanted to touch one but I was rather afraid some snapping teeth would get me, you know how some beautiful plants, bugs, what have you aren’t always what they seem? I knew one thing…..I could take a picture. As I was trying to pose I saw this tiny little frog.  I wanted it!!  I was either going to lick it or see if it would turn into my prince but before I could reach for it, my little wonder hopped off into the unknown.  Right then my camera went off and this picture is what I got.  I loved it, nature in its purest form with a woman in heels standing amidst it.  I think more adventures will be had here by me.  I highly suggest this club for all the reasons I mentioned but in addition, the staff, hosts and DJ’s are so nice and make you feel welcome.  It’s not just their party in the swamp, they make sure you know it’s yours as well.  To have your experience at The Swamp Rock Club just hop on that link and watch out for those gators!

Taken at the Swamp Rock Club



i’m worn out and eating to many goodies

I almost have my Christmas shopping done. There is one special gift yet to get. I need a coffee and a conversation with myself about wearing heels when shopping. I guess fashion is everything no matter what you are doing and well these ankle boot

i'm worn out and eating to many goodies

i'm worn out and eating to many goodies


Little Bones, Willa in Brunettes

Gabriel- Sleeveless High Neck Knit Top and Shorts in Black

Gabriel- Loose Velour Jacket (Maitreya) in Pink

CULT- Rose Boots w/HUD